Happiness ! <3

Only when all people attain true happiness, will we attain the utmost happiness. Until all have happiness, none will be fully happy. All search for personal happiness, but herein lies the misunderstanding. If the entire world is suffering, but only one experiences happiness, I ask: Is life meaningful? The issue concerns whether the one who searches for personal happiness will find it. In other words, one finds happiness not by searching for it, but by being sought after.

Seek not happiness in the present conditions. Everyone today searches for happiness outside of God. Herein lies their error. Do not search for happiness in another person, seek it within the Divine. A fundamental bond exists between your soul and God. Re-establish this bond and all will work for your good.

currency of happiness

People of today desire happiness in life, but they do not understand its Laws. Happiness includes the following elements: faith, wisdom, imagination, and love. It includes also an understanding of the natural laws – those of solid, liquid, and gaseous matter – as well as those of light, electricity, and electro-magnetism.

Happiness is not the only way for humans to resolve their life’s tasks. Animals are capable of having a good life as well; they can be happy without ever having resolved the tasks of their lives.


I choose to be happy! ❤

Do not search for happiness in the material, but seek for it in the Eternal Bliss. I speak of the great process toward perfection. We did not come to Earth for the purpose of achieving happiness, but to study. True happiness cannot be attained on Earth in its present stage of development, it is for the future.

Humankind should prepare the necessary conditions so that everlasting happiness may come in the future.

Eternal Bliss exists in that place where all virtues are present. Happiness can be found only when none of the virtues is missing.