The OGI All-In-One Business Model


Screenshot_18The Company :

Watch this short 5 min video Ourglobalidea 5 minute video presentation! , before you start read this article about company!

OGI (OurGlobalIdea) was founded in 2014 by creating an innovative platform that connects consumers and business owners in a mutually beneficial way.
OGI’s vision is to be the largest discount network around the globe, by fulfilling the needs of our members and business owners.
In 2016 OGI introduced additional other Software as a Service solutions that empowers online marketing efforts of Affiliate Marketers and Entrepreneurs.

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The CEO :

Mr. Thomas Thurber is the CEO of OurGlobalIdea (currently OGI). Tom had a long and successful business career, an extensive business background as CPA and CEO starting from Arthur Andersen, where he started and earned his CPA. After 7 years, he accepted a position with one of its clients, Daon Corporation.

Multiple services under the same plan:

Core services

You can join OGI by having an active membership in any Core program for just $28/month. All programs share the same compensation plan, the same Enroller Tree and the same Matrix structure.

Here are some of the services 🙂

I am going to explain them All In Details in other articles! Here you can read and see a short overview in a form of picture of these great Core services!Screenshot_19OGI Add-ons and Business products

As a member of OGI you will benefit from special prices for all Core programs and will also have access to amazing add-on and Business Products. I will explain them in detailed in next articles! Now just see and read the brief overview of Business products!

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The Business opportunity: 

At OGI, we believe that the best way to impact the market is to promote our services via the All-In-One Business Model. This model combines Affiliate Marketing & Franchisinginto a single innovative compensationplan.
Building long term relationships and getting proper feedback from our customers is the only path to success for a modern SaaS (Software as a Service) provider and this is guaranteed with our well educated and experienced network of Independent Representatives.
Our Compensation Plan was voted the best Compensation Plan in the US and Europe for the year2015.
This creates an amazing opportunity for you to become part of the next big thing and join the growing number of Affiliates who are livingtheir dreams with OGI.

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Don’t Dream your Life, Live Your Dreams!

Let your Dreams be Bigger than Your Fears!


The OGI Marketing System :) !

Collage 2017-10-01 15_02_17

The All-In-One Online Marketing System for Direct Marketing that works like a charm, right out of the box!

An Easy to use Landing Page Creator and Autoresponder

Do you want to present your services, products or business opportunity to a large audience? Are you searching for an automated tool that will capture interested customers and prospects and then follow up with them as you sleep? Then you have been looking for the tools that OGI Marketing System can offer you.
The Ultimate All-in-One Online Marketing System including a Lead Capture Page and Sale Page creator, a built-in Autoresponder with Newsletter features, a Rotator and a jaw-dropping low price tag to solve all your e-Marketing needs


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Amazing Templates Collection
Easy to use Page Creation
Anybody can learn how to create a professional Landing Page, Sale Page or Thank-you page in minutes with OGI Marketing System. Start from a tested and high converting existing Landing Page template and customize virtually anything, change fonts, colors, add links, upload new pictures or use your Youtube videos easily.
1.Easy to use: Very short learning curve
2.Variety of Templates: More than 30 templates out of the box
3.No Coding Needed: You don’t have to be an expert to use it



The Essential Online Marketing Solution
Everything you need to Market Online

More than 30 pre-existing templates come with your subscription. These include Sale Pages, Landing Pages, Registration Pages, Prospect pages, Thank-you Pages and any other page template you can image. You also get a built-in Autoresponder and Newsletter system, or you can integrate your own.
1.Amazing Selection of Page Templates to Build on
2.Rotator and Conversion Testing Tools
3.Built-in Autoresponder and Newsletter system

9min video explanation how it all works together: 

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Happiness ! <3

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